We will be facilitating a fitness program in the convenience of your own home office or outdoor facility for people wanting to get in shape and/or stay in shape. All fitness levels welcome as each program is designed for each individual.


Fitness testing will be done at regular intervals through the program in order for you to track your progress.

Part of our goal is to educate people on how to exercise and live a healthier lifestyle without expensive equipment


§All ages

§All fitness levels
§All sizes
§All activities done low pressure environment
§Group sessions OR 1-on-1
§Be more energized
§Be more motivated in day to day life
§Experience increased strength
§Increase your fitness level
JD Training is not focussed on dieting and unrealistic weight loss, we are focussed on living a healthy lifestyle and having fun while doing it. Inevitably leading to a fitter, healthier you on an holistic level
We Specialise in:
§Core strength
§Healthy weight loss
§General fitness and wellbeing

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