nJD Training offers Mini Tennis and Sport Fun to kids between the ages of 4 -10 years old. The training is based on mini tennis which is one of the best sports to develop hand eye co-ordination in children and give them a good base to move forward and take on other sport and activities which we also include in our training, using the tennis base to introduce children to a variety of sports and games.

nWhy have I chosen to base my lessons on tennis?
Research shows playing tennis:
i) Improves general health and well-being
ii) Improves aerobic fitness, flexibility and suppleness
iii) Reduces the risk of diseases such as osteoporosis, heart disease and diabetes
iii) Improves decision-making and problem-solving skills
iv) requires alertness and tactical thinking, thus generating new connections between nerves in the brain.
About the Coach
nJennifer has recently completed the new ITF (International Tennis Federation) “Play & Stay” coaching program which is the first tennis specific course focussed on introducing children to tennis and sports in general, in a fun interactive manor.
nJennifer is also currently a student at the ETA (Exercise Teachers Academy) giving her greater insight into healthy and age/ability appropriate training

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